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Industrial rubber products

Industrial rubber products (IRP) – a variety of products that are made of rubber, and is used in various industries. Almost all elastomers of general and special purpose are used for the production of industrial rubber products.

All of the most popular industrial rubber products are divided into these types:

Molded products

Non-molded products

Molded industrial rubber products – a large group (about 30 000 items) of gaskets, sealing and damping parts (gaskets, rings of different cross-section, dust, moisture and oil-proof caps, rubber-metal shock absorbers, etc.). These IRP are produced by molding a rubber compound at the same time as curing it in a mold mounted on a press or by injection molding.

The group of non-molded industrial rubber products includes products (about 12 000 items) used for the sealing of windows and doors of cars, aircraft, railway wagons, for sealing joints of building panels, etc. They are manufactured in the form of profiled bundles of various lengths and cross sections by extrusion of rubber compound and the subsequent vulcanization of semi-finished products in continuous apparatus or in boilers (batch mode). Seals can be either monolithic or porous.


Industrial Rubber Products Plant “KAUCHUK” specializes in the manufacture of molded rubber products

Types of industrial rubber products

Depending on the design and purpose, molded rubber products (IRP) are divided into:


rectangular cross-section o-rings

seals of various designs


sealing gaskets

rubber cuffs

oil seals



The production of high-quality industrial rubber products on our plant is possible due to the many years of experience of our specialists and the use of only the highest quality raw materials. Buying industrial rubber products directly from the manufacturer, i.e. at our plant, you really get quality products at affordable prices.

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