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Operating recommendations for mechanical rubber goods

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  1. Installed items must be clean (no traces of dirt, dust, etc.) and have no mechanical damage.

  2. Environments contacting with items in the operation of components and assemblies must comply with the recommended conditions for specific grades of rubbers specified in manual instruction of the machines. Other operating environments than specified in the table must be agreed with the manufacturer.

Operating environments that not specified in the instructions to the machine is not allowed to use. The manufacturer is not responsible for the failure of components operating in an environment not specified in the instructions.

  1. Assembling of the seals must be made without warps, twists and mechanical damage of rings when inputting them in the socket.

  2. It’s not allowed to have scratches, nicks and other mechanical damage, as well as sharp edges, on mating surfaces of components, assemblies and parts with rubber goods .

  3. Assembling of rings and gaskets are recommended in the horizontal plane. In the case of installation in a vertical or inclined plane, rings and gaskets must be installed with a slight interference fit on the inner diameter preventing their fallout or warp.

  4. When assembling the sealed unit components are not allowed to enter into thread and overtwisting the rubber ring on the neck of the fitting. Screw-tightening must be made uniformly, sequentially, crosswise.

  5. When installing rings into the mounting slot on system “cylinder-rod” all the holes and sharp edges of grooves encountered on the path of movement of the ring should cover the thin-walled glass through which the seal ring moves  to the landing site.

  6. Threads of the parts of compacted fittings assemblies should be greased before assembly with a thin layer of the grease in the environment where they operate.

  7. Gaskets of flat flange connections operating in a wet working environment or grease is not allowed to moisten because it leads to decreasing the stability work under pressure.

  1. When assembling rings and gaskets it’s allowed their short stretch of up to 50% of the inner diameter.

  2. Compression ratio of rings and gaskets during installation shall be:

for rings and gaskets of fixed joints – from15 to 35%;

for rings and gaskets of mobile connections – from 10 to 25%.

  1. The order and frequency of inspection of rubber parts indicated in the operating instructions of machines and their components and assemblies.

  2. Before starting work the items that available for inspection should be checked for integrity.

  3. Condition of details located in closed units defined as the node being tested on external examination during maintenance of machinery.

  4. Repeated operation of the dismantled parts is not allowed. In exceptional cases it’s allowed for re-operation of forcibly removed parts under condition of preservation their size, appearance and other requirements in accordance with these specifications and ensuring node and machine uptime .

  5. The manufacturer recommends to apply to specialized service centers to qualified service personnel for installing the mechanical rubber goods in components and assemblies.