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Manufacturer’s Warranty

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  1. Manufacturer guarantees conformity of mechanical rubber goods for regulatory requirements in accordance with which they were made, if the consumer observes installation instructions, operation, transportation and storage instructions specified in the manual of operating machines.

  1. Guaranteed shelf life of mechanical rubber goods – 2 years from date of manufacture (parts of rubbers based on EPDM, EPDM and Nairit; rings according to GOST 18829-73 – 3 years), subject to mechanical rubber goods storage conditions.

  1. The warranty period is set to mechanical rubber goods warranty period of vehicles, their components and assemblies (when installed in new units and machines) for which they are intended.

  1. The warranty period of rings for fixed joints and connections of reciprocal motion hydraulic components and assemblies – 2 years from the date of commissioning, but not more than a full established service life warranty processing at 3 km in a reciprocal motion. Warranty period of rings for fixed joints of pneumatic devices – 2 years from the date of commissioning, but not more than the specified service life when exposed to cyclic pressure from 0.63 to 10 MPa. Guaranteed number of cycles is 600. Day of commissioning of the mechanical rubber goods shall be the date of installation of rings in the assembly unit.

  1. The warranty period of cuff types 1 and 3 with a max diameter of 500 mm, installed in automobiles, tractors, construction and agricultural machines is equal of the warranty period of a unit assembly they are installed, but no more than the specified service life. The warranty period of cuffs installed in other assembly units – 2 years from the date of commissioning at 5 km guaranteed operating time.

  2. The warranty period for mechanical rubber goods installed in the renovated units and components subject to the requirements for mating parts  – 2 years. Failure to comply with the above conditions the supplier does not assume warranty on mechanical rubber goods used in refurbished units and aggregates.

  3. The manufacturer recommends to apply to specialized service centers to qualified service personnel for installing the mechanical rubber goods in components and assemblies.