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Congratulations on Driver’s Day

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In 2017, the Driver’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated on October 29.

Modern life can not be imagined without a car. That is why the profession of the driver was and remains one of the most massive. Professional holiday of drivers of motor transport the Driver’s Day is officially celebrated in Ukraine since 1996.

It is a holiday not only for drivers, but also for repair workers, engineers and technicians, managers of motor transport enterprises and all those who conscientiously work, fulfilling their professional duty. Without devotion to the profession of these people and their sense of responsibility for the cause, the daily life of the city and its inhabitants is impossible.

The best gift for a driver who has been behind the wheel for many hours is a convenient and reliable accessory in the car: for example, an automotive kettle, a coffee maker or a heated mug powered by a cigarette lighter. A very useful gift is a set of tools, especially for a person who has just purchased a car and has not had time to properly equip it.

An original gift to a motorist is an auto-communicator. This device resembles a mini traffic light, through which you can express your emotions to other drivers through light smiles.

As a gift to the male driver it is better to choose something practical, but at the same time pleasant: a massage cape on the seat, an automobile thermometer, etc.

The team of the “KAUCHUK” plant congratulates everyone on Driver’s Day! Let the car always be on the move, let in life there will be turns only for the better. We wish you confidence behind the wheel, success in any trip, good luck on any road and happiness in every day!