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Compliance with automotive standards of production guarantees high product quality and process stability.


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Use all capabilities of our mechanical rubber goods plant "Kauchuk"

Mechanical rubber goods for automobile industry 

Continuous mass production of mechanical rubber goods for the automobile industry. We supply components for many automobile assembly conveyors, including MAZ, GAZ, ZIL, ZAZ. Our constant and long-term customers include dozens of leading manufacturers of automobile components and assemblies.

New products 

Are you using rubber products in manufacturing or trade? We have extensive experience and are willing to make new mold products for you, including reinforced products under specified standards and specifications. Our plant's equipment allows us to offer you the production and maintenance of high-quality molds.

High-quality rubber compounds

High-tech production of raw rubber compounds on the new mixing line with a high degree of automatization. Additional rheological control of each batch. Using only proven high-quality raw materials guarantees the high quality of our products.

Originality of formulation       

Monthly work on the development of new formulations rubber compounds. Real practical experience in using of several thousand components in the production. More than 20 years of cooperation with world leaders of innovative materials, today allow us to make your products more competitive.                                                 

Large assortment

Our product range allows you to use it for repair of a wide range of techniques, including for agriculture, construction and machinery for various industries. Our product is supplied as a separate product or as a packaged repair kits suitable for end use and sales.                                                                                                                                 

Stable technological processes

Efficient process control guarantees the consistent high quality of our products. To accomplish this task all the basic equipment plugged into a single information network of the enterprise. Each piece of equipment operation parameters get into a database and analyzed according to specified parameters online. 




About us

JSC "KAUCHUK" is manufacturer of mechanical rubber goods, repair kits and raw rubber compounds.

Our company specializes in serial production of mechanical rubber goods for automobile factories. We are supplying components to the sites of most conveyors, including MAZ, GAZ, ZIL, ZAZ.

We produce and offer over 1000 types of mechanical rubber goods and repair kits in their original packaging for repair and assembly of automotive, agricultural and construction machinery.

Contact us

+380 629 474 007 – reception

+380 629 474 001 – sales and marketing

+380 95 048 1000

+380 67 000 1997

+380 93 621 1120

Skype kauchuk_15

Joint-Stock Company «Kauchuk»

87504, Ukraine, Mariupol, 1-A Vuzovskaya str

Account 26001000120470 in Public Joint-Stock Company «Ukrsotsbank»,

MFO 300023, OKPO Code 13507918 

Individual Tax Number 135079105817

VAT-payer registration certificate No. 100335870


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